• primarily awarding unrestricted grants
  • seeking to be transparent and responsive
  • streamlining processes and paperwork
  • doing our homework and proactively getting to know prospective applicants

Areas of Focus and Priorities:

  • Pathways Out of Poverty
    • Employment training/workforce development programs that lead to high quality, sustainable jobs and career pathways
    • Affordable rental housing and expanded homeownership in order to provide stability and create generational wealth
    • Policy initiatives that increase equity, opportunity and economic prosperity
  • Climate Action
    • Creation and implementation of climate action policy at state and local community levels that lead to effective and economically just outcomes
    • Education and outreach efforts that help accelerate clean energy transition/decarbonization
    • Clean energy workforce development initiatives targeted to underserved communities

Geographic Focus and Restrictions:

  • The Wilson Foundation currently prioritizes funding to organizations and initiatives based in Minnesota which primarily serve communities within the state.
  • The Wilson Foundation does not provide support to religious organizations for religious purposes or for activities that are considered lobbying.